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Today steam is still one of the most important energy carriers in the Dutch industry, and is therefore an important subject in our many energy projects. In general, businesses are experiencing an increasing need for support with regard to steam issues. With energy prices rising, the need for specific knowledge on steam and system efficiency measures is growing accordingly.

A steam and condensation system is a complex system due to the phase changes that steam undergoes at different pressures. Many businesses use the same system for decades. Over the years such systems become outdated and are modified and extended. The consequences for the plant as a whole are not always given sufficient consideration. In order to maintain an efficient and reliable system, it is important to possess knowledge of and insight into the performance of the system and its components. 

We can provide support with the following processes:

Inspecting steam and condensation systems 
Many benefits can be gained from inspections and the embedment of such inspections in an organization. This concerns primarily the inspection of steam traps, appendages, heat exchangers and other process equipment, mains systems, etc.

Water hammer, erosion, corrosion and poor process control are fairly common. SAM analyses the problems and comes up with practical solutions. 

Maintenance plan and maintenance care system 
SAM can assist in the development of a plan to tackle maintenance structurally and to ensure standardization and embedment in the organization. 

SAM conducts studies to assess the technical and business-economical feasibility of measures. We are also acquainted with new technologies and grant schemes. 

SAM provides information, workshops and courses related to steam and condensation systems, steam traps, pipe systems, energy saving equipment, etc. With a well-trained workforce you can safeguard the management of your installations. 

Project management
SAM can manage an entire project on your behalf, from purchase to realization. 

SAM has responded to the desire for knowledge by publishing the book "Het Ketelhuis" (The Boiler House) by Nol Duinkerken. 
This book provides a huge amount of practical and independent information. Click here for more information about the book "Het Ketelhuis", or to place an order.

SAM is also co-founder and board member of The Steam Platform

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Book "Het ketelhuis" (The Boiler House)

This book provides a huge amount of practical and independent information.