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Environmental issues

Environmental policy, like health and safety policy, forms part of the business management of every company and institute. It enables compliance with legislation and regulations, cost savings, an improved company image and sustainable and a socially responsible enterprise. 

SAM is specialized in providing business advice on numerous environmental issues. 

Energy consumption is an important environmental aspect and a major business expense. SAM is specialized in numerous energy issues and energy care systems, and conducts energy conservation investigations. Read more.

Environmental management 
SAM can assist in the development of an environmental care system, possibly in combination with a health and safety system, auditing and the integration in your quality care system. 

Environmental permits 
SAM gives advice on applying for an environmental permit or the Activities Decree notification. 

SAM provides support for the creation and implementation of policies that focus on a sustainable and socially responsible enterprise. 

Soil protection
SAM conducts soil risk analyses in accordance with the Dutch Soil Protection Directive (NRB) and supervises soil testing and remediation.

Businesses are sometimes concerned with emissions from production and combustion plants, as well as particulates, odour nuisance and CO2 emission trading.
SAM can assist in compliance with environmental regulations as laid down in the Activities Decree, the IPPC and the Dutch Environmental Management Act.

Consultancy SAM provides support in both the health and safety aspects of noise (monitoring noise levels and taking measures) and the noise aspects in relation to an environmental permit or Activities Decree notification (external sound measurements, drawing up a sound report).


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