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Energy management

Energy management
Energy management entails a conscious approach to the purchase, distribution and consumption of energy within an organization. By being aware of all aspects of energy, significant cost savings can be realized and commitment can be generated among employees, changing their attitudes towards energy consumption. In practice we see that many businesses measure energy and gather extensive data but do not convert this into operational control information. It is the proper interpretation and analysis of such data and the direction taken in response that is so essential within an energy care system.

Energy management calls for continuous attention
Energy management is a process that requires constant attention within an organization. Energy management must be supported on all levels within the organization, and this calls for commitment.

As an organization undergoes constant development, growth and change, the energy management system has to grow correspondingly. This is a continuous process whereby an optimum balance has to be found between performance and price. Only then can it be a lasting success.

SAM can help you to set up this practical system, because of course you cannot do everything on your own. ISO 50001 can be used as a basis for this.

NEN-ISO 50001
The ISO 50001 provides a structure for the formation of energy management. It can help your organization to improve energy efficiency and can also help to cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This can provide an immediate competitive advantage. The ISO 50001 is based on existing standards and on the latest developments in energy management. It makes it possible for an organization to develop and implement an effective policy, to define specific areas of energy consumption and to set targets for energy savings. 

The ISO 50001 is a very practical system which is applicable in all types of businesses. SAM has experienced specialists who can assist you with and advise you on attaining the NEN-EN 50001 certificate. We can inform you free of engagement about the possibilities for your business. 

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