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Energy conservation is a hot topic. The government is imposing increasing obligations aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, and businesses can realize considerable financial savings. 
SAM offers business advice on energy and is also specialized in steam and condensation systems. 

In recent years the Dutch industrial sector has made huge efforts to achieve substantial energy savings. However, energy conservation will always remain a point of attention.

Energy conservation measures include:

  • Improved energy management;
  • Optimization of existing processes;
  • Implementation of new sustainable technologies and cogeneration.

Each business has its own reasons for addressing energy conservation:

  • Cost savings;
  • Requirements for an environmental permit or Activities Decree notification;
  • Participation in government projects and energy covenants. 

SAM offers support in areas such as:

  • Examining production processes with the aim of saving energy and/or energy costs and reducing CO2 emission;
  • Energy conservation investigation for an environmental permit or Activities Decree notification;
  • Drawing up an energy efficiency plan (EEP) for a long-term energy efficiency agreement (MJA);
  • Drawing up an energy efficiency plan (EEP) for the Sectoral Agreement for Energy Efficiency for ETS companies (SEE);
  • Setting up an energy care or energy management system;
  • Monitoring energy consumption / energy efficiency and implementing and optimizing monitoring systems;
  • Giving technical energy advice;
  • Investigation of grant schemes for energy conservation measures;
  • Advice on (sustainable) energy facilities and purchasing; 
  • Advice on CO2 strategy and emission trading;
  • Advice on a climate-neutral enterprise;
  • Feasibility study for energy measures.

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Stefan Walta
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Steam is an important energy carrier in industry. Extensive knowledge and insight are required in order to make and keep steam systems efficient and reliable.
SAM possesses the technical knowledge and experience to offer support in this regard.
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