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Welcome to consultancy SAM

Consultancy SAM offers sound business advice relating to the environment, energy and working conditions. SAM consists of a network of experienced professionals. SAM offers expert advice at an affordable price.  

Our services

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For all your energy-related issues

Energy conservation is a hot topic. The government imposes obligations aimed at increasing energy efficiency, and businesses can realize considerable financial savings. SAM possesses specialist knowledge relating to steam and condensation systems. 

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For all your environmental issues

An environmental policy forms part of the business management of every company. It enables compliance with legislation, cost savings, a better company image and sustainability. 

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For all your health and safety issues

A good health and safety policy leads to fewer accidents, a pleasant working climate, motivated and productive employees, fewer departures and lower absenteeism. 

Book "Het ketelhuis" (The Boiler House)

This book provides a huge amount of practical and independent information.